Take any bareboat yacht or catamaran with a skipper to handle the boat or give advice and assistance.

If you do not have enough experience, or simply need another hand with the boat, take a bareboat yacht or catamaran with a skipper. The skipper may be employed by the company, or may be freelance, and he or she will have professional qualifications together with knowledge of the coastline. The daily rate is £70-140 (€100-200/$140-280) per day, depending on the destination, plus food. Prices shown are for just the yacht only (without crew) - unless indicated otherwise.

You can take a skipper for just 1 or 2 days, or for the full duration of your holiday, and in some places you can also take a hostess, who will cook and shop for you. A skipper and/or hostess will each require a berth or cabin, so your choice of yacht for your party size must allow for this. The skipper will not give formal instruction, but will show you how to handle the boat, and members of your party will be expected to join in and assist. It is usual to offer a gratuity to the crew at the end of the charter.


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